Where the frick is the Tank?

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Where the frick is the Tank?

Post by peter »

I think the clue is in the title.

What is going on here?

Like......where is the Tank?
Your politicians screwed you over and you are suprised by this?

....and the glory of the world becomes less than it was....
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Post by sgt.null »

It went upstate to live at a tank farm.
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Post by Zarathustra »

It was nuked. And then the thread where it was explained that the conservatives did to themselves was nuked. So your confusion is understandable. (If discussion of the event in question wasn't wanted in that thread, where it was on-topic, we never got any warning. Nor was it locked. Confusion abounds.)

Attention mods and Jay: you might want to update the rules and guidelines of the site:
In the site Rules and Guidelines thread, Vain wrote:KW is a place where you can have your say, voice an opinion on current affairs . . .
Actually, it's not. Just thought you should be made aware of the discrepancy so you don't confuse new members with inaccurate, misleading information.
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Post by kevinswatch »

If you haven't noticed, a 22 year old site devoted to SRD doesn't really get new members anymore.

Give it a rest.


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