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The Menu

Post by Rigel »

Did no one else see this yet?

Ralphes Fiennes plays a chef dedicated to haute cuisine, fed up with both the bastardization of his craft and the indifference of those who supposedly appreciate it (diners and critics). He decides to serve one final meal, specifically tailored to each of the guests in attendance, and then... Well, it's a comedy-horror, so it doesn't end well!

While I enjoyed the film overall, I found the pacing a bit lumpy. There were some brilliant moments (the cheeseburger!), but much of it was just a slog. Moments of brilliance interspersed throughout tedious filler; much like a Kevin Smith film in that regard.

But worth checking out at least once, if you're in a dark mood.
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Post by [Syl] »

That was a crazy movie. I loved it so much (but I'm a huge fan of Kevin Smith prior to his weight loss and stonerhood, so...). My ex-girlfriend owned two restaurants, and that was completely in the back of my head as I watched the movie. I wish it would've had a little more nuance and punch, but overall, it's one of the movies from last year that will probably stick with the most, not least of all because I'm a huge fan of Top Chef, Tournament of Champions, etc.
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The Menu

Post by Skyweir »

oh yeah I saw it and enjoyed it ~ the cheeseburger was an odd *out* ~ I certainly didn’t see that possibility as an exit strategy lol 😂

I thought is was pretty good. I was ok with the pacing though some sections were a bit fraggy ~ in particular the driving force behind the concept was a bit iffy and seemed to stall a few times.
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