Lord Foul and the Ravers rock on

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Lord Foul and the Ravers rock on

Post by DrPaul »

When I first discovered the Chronicles in 1977-78, I decided that "Lord Foul and the Ravers" would be an excellent name for a punk rock band.

I now wonder: what would be the line-up if Lord Foul and the Ravers really were a band?

Here is my proposal:

Turiya Herem - drums
Moksha Jehanumm - bass
Samadhi Sheol - rhythm guitar and lead vocal
Lord Foul - lead guitar and chief songwriter.

What do you think?
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Lord Foul and the Ravers rock on

Post by Fist and Faith »

Works for me! :D
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Lord Foul and the Ravers rock on

Post by Helen Blood »

Good lineup, but I think Foul would sing lead.
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