a group of poems of Quarks

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a group of poems of Quarks

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subatomic particles.
strong force.
six flavors.
up and down.
charm and strange.
top and bottom.

eightfold way.
James Joyce.
Finnegans Wake.
quark and an antiquark.
up (u), down (d),
and strange (s),
cosmic rays.

half-integer spin.
(intrinsic angular momentum)
odd half-integer spin.
quantum chromodynamics.
strong force.
red, green and blue.
anti-red, anti-green and anti-blue.
exclusion principle.
electric charge.
electromagnetic force.

asymptomatic freedom
charm (c) and bottom (b)
quarks and antiquarks.
top (t)

mass, spin and parity.
gravitation, electromagnetism.
strong and weak interactions.
charge and mass.
Lenin, Marx
Marx, Lennon
Good Dog...
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