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Board Games

Post by Fist and Faith »

Anybody play any? I had NO IDEA what a world of games there is! Not talking about Monopoly and Chutes & Ladders. Not even Risk & Diplomacy. A friend of my wife and her husband have over 100. And there's a new place near me called the Gunks Gaming Guild & Cafe, where they have at least as many that people can come sit down and play. It's amazing.

We've played several now at the friend's house. One based on Lovecraft. One where the ground is disappearing underneath you. One with pirates. I know the name of a few. Everdell, Wingspan, and Viticulture. All different, all fun.

It's just amazing that people come up with these ideas, doing I can't imagine how many test runs, refining the rules. There might be some common things that you need in all games, but I'm not experienced enough to know what they are. All the games seem entirely different to me.
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Post by StevieG »

Ha! It's amazing that I accidentally found this thread, hidden away in the GM's Dungeon (not that it should be anywhere else).

A work colleague has leant me one called Chronicles of Crime, where you have to work together to solve a murder. I haven't played it yet, but it looks pretty interactive - has a board and some cards, but also an app which allows for lots of different mysteries. So apparently the game can be played multiple times.

We recently did a murder mystery dinner party - I know, very 80s - it was fun! And the other ones we have played recently are Escape Room games where you have a limited amount of time to find the clues and therefore escape. We failed miserably on the first one, we have a few more to go.

We have played a few others in the last 12 months - I just can't remember what they are. Will have to check...
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Post by Savor Dam »

Before COVID, a family we met through Scouting 20 years ago hosted a monthly game night / potluck dinner. They had a huge collection of board games, including many from Cheapass Games. In terms of equipment, those games lean into expected commonality; items like dice, position markers, or value chips are host/player supplied. Some really interesting games...and more than a few that were meh.

Obviously, we've seen a lot less of these game hosts and their attendee pool in the last three years.
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Post by wayfriend »

I like playing board games. For me, they fall into easy categories: not very entertaining, entertaining for a short time, and ever entertaining.

Ever entertaining: Settlers of Catan. Monoply. Risk.

Are card games a totally separate thing? I think card games are basically board games without a board.

Ever entertaining: Uno. Magic the Gathering. Rummy.
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Board Games

Post by Damelon »

I did a lot of table wargaming in my teens and twenties. Panzer Blitz, Kingmaker, etc and I used to go to Gen Con regularly when it was in Milwaukee. But that was years ago.
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