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The Chosen

Post by Fist and Faith »

This is the latest from santilozano. One of my favorite moments in all literature, when Linden destroys the Sunbane. dlb and I thought we had to have it. :D

I put this in the Laborium, so you can click and see it better.


Linden Avery! Have I not said that you are well Chosen?

(And, of course, THOOLAH FOREVER!!!)
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The Chosen

Post by santilozano »

Thank you for sharing this!! I had great fun doing it.
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The Chosen

Post by rdhopeca »

The level of talent and vision here is remarkable.

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The Chosen

Post by Wosbald »




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The Chosen

Post by RandomHaruchai »

Better than the picture in my head when reading it.
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The Chosen

Post by Blackhawk »

I like this alot, Linden Healing the Land
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