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Mr. Broken

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Ah, Mr. Broken...

I suppose there are spoilers in this. But not really, since they're just mentions of words you won't understand until you read the books.

Mr. Broken wrote:I have felt the burning rain of wounded Moon Spawn
Tasted dust and tears on the Chain of Dogs
Stood the wall at Capustan
I have witnessed
Eaten something that died in a canal in Lether
Felt the flames of Y'ghatan
Worn armor made of golden coin
Stolen fortune's to repay debts in the city of blue light
"You have no understanding of what his title of Sword signifies - he is without equal in this world." -- K'rul
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Mr. Broken
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Am I in trouble?
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Nice job, Mr. Broken. I like it. 8)

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"Dreaming isn't good for you unless you do the things it tells you to." -- Three Dog Night (via the GI)
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Mr. Broken wrote:Am I in trouble?

i would say not, since there is this little guy :Hail: beneath your verse! :D
in fact, i would say you may have started something...i am feeling inspired
as is my esteemed co-mod. nice yob! :D
you're more advanced than a cockroach,
have you ever tried explaining yourself
to one of them?
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i've had this with actors before, on the set,
where they get upset about the [size of my]
trailer, and i'm always like...take my trailer,
cause... i'm from Kentucky
and that's not what we brag about.
~ george clooney, inside the actor's studio

a straight edge for legends at
the fold - searching for our
lost cities of gold. burnt tar,
gravel pits. sixteen gears switch.
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I have witnessed
This is the best.
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Holsety wrote:
I have witnessed
This is the best.
And it is Kruppe who leads us on the first path to witnessing. In the city of blue light.

That's some goddamn poetry right there, Mr B.! :)
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Mr. Broken

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never read Erickson.

thread necromancy thy perfidy?
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