Creation process

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Creation process

Post by wizardbill »

I remember in the gradual interview when SDR only creates things that he needs for his stories. This was regarding the history of The Land, etc. He stated that it would seriously slow down his creation process if he had to create all the back story.

I just listened to the Original Chronicles for about the twentieth time. But, this time, I paid particular attention to things that I knew appeared in later chronicles.

Also in the gradual interview I remember him saying that he was done with TCTC after the first chronicles. It was the badgering of Lester Del Rey that caused him to come up with the ideas for the second and the last.

So, here are my thoughts. In TCTC he mentions Kellen Brabanal (sp?). He mentions the Brathair (sp?). He talks about the Elohim. All these things he already had conjured in his mind. It seems inconsistent to me, his above statements about creating what is necessary, and then not having ideas for future chronicles.
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Creation process

Post by IrrationalSanity »

In TCTC, he needed to conjure at least a few exotic places for the seafaring Giants to have visited, and a people powerful and enigmatic enough to grant the Giants the gift of Tongues. They need not have been fleshed out in any more detail than required to cover the narrative at hand.

In 2nd Chronicles and thereafter, having named them previously, with the need to visit some of the places and peoples that only had names before, now he had reason to bring more dimension and color to them.
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Creation process

Post by SoulBiter »

I wonder if, while doing the outline for the books he had a number of unused ideas that he incorporated in his later books.
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