Acropolis 1.0 - Registration

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Acropolis 1.0 - Registration

Post by [Syl] »

Simply state the name of your deity (which should be similar to your account name), your domain, your prophet's name, and where your shrine is located. Please save detailed information for the reveal.

Some players have sort of pre-registered, so I may ask you to choose a different domain. Nobody has expressed similar interests, however, so I do not think there is much need to worry.
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-George Steiner
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Post by Cryak »

Aeon, God of Luck
High Priest: Isaiah
Shrine: Aeon's Fountain, hidden somewhere in the Alleys of Dark Delights (between Shanty Town and the Bathhouses)
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Post by Virelai »

Name: Virelai
Domain: Song
High Priestess: Melody
Shrine: The Harper Hall, The Arts District
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Post by Allód »

Allód, Goddess of the Sea
High Priest: Grayling Day
Shrine: Allód's Spit, west of the City, just south of the fishing grounds.
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Location: The Barren Hill

Post by Nakhetemet »

Nakhetemet, Lord of Time & the Treader on Dust.

High Priest: The High Philosopher

Shrine: The Barren Hill, north of the city.
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Post by Orlando »

Diana, Goddess of Fertility
The Mother, Birth

High Priestess: Caireen

Shrine: The Fertile Glade, southeast of Acropolis, away from the hill villages.
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Post by Antaka »

Antaka: Death

High Priest: Kavya

Shrine: The House of Shadows, in the No Man's Land between Shanty Town and the Bath District.
For death begins with life's first breath.
And life begins at touch of death.
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Post by Herald of Sataniel »

Kai, Maiden of Strife
High Priest: Orden the Conflicted
Shrine: A nondescript hut within the shanty town.
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Post by Chime »

Chime, God of Commerce.

High Priest: The Facetor

Temple: The Rendezvous, a bath house in the Bath District
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Post by Colu »


Oops. Sorry.

Surya, God of the Sun
High Priest: Szabad
Shrine: Nihon Edit: Aeon's map puts me on the outer edge of the Gardens. Couldn't have planned that better myself, eh??? :lol:
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Post by Krinn »

Krinn, God of Assassins
High Priest: Lord Downey
Shrine: The Hall of Daggers, hidden in the No Man's Land between Shanty Town and the Bath District.
Follower of Azver, friend to all in Twinsriver, and person who can get stuff done.
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Post by Libidinal »

Libidinal, God of Love
High Priestess: Madame Serena
Shrine: The Brothel, located in the Red Light District
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Post by Nyx »

Nyx, Goddess of Darkness
High Priestess - Theresa, from "Down Below"
Shrine - The Heart of Darkness, below the Shanty Town
To seek the breast of darkness and be suckled by the night.

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