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cross/roads & (re)mappings

Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2023 5:47 am
by sgt.null
cross/roads & (re)mappings

I deft gravity, the
push and pull of
magnetic fields...
I am fast - I am
good. a polymath to
the nth degree. see
me at the temple,
dancing in the aether.
a foxtrot or rhomboid
samba. sipping on
angel dust, (ground
down rusted halos.)
an ugly jug or a
Northern keg...
I decay and rot.
wearing my autistic
boots, vaccinated by
conformist milk (a
type of anti-venom)
I am in transit
with my amphetamine
heart and transistor
radio, all aglow...
I am a green light
when driving my
juxtaposition jalopy.
you can ride chatter-
gun, you just call it.

I am a Luddite
fumbling with the
locks atop the Paradox
box. see me riddle
the trapdoor cipher
webs with my rusted
blunderbuss. henchmen
mill idly near-by...
I am newly widowed
in my pencil-skirt.
trying to erase my
day. my lightning
fences are insufficient,
my gates are easily
manipulated. like the
time before, when
they tore out all the
linoleum floors...
I can not remember
the name of the
street. the ring is
broken on the keys.
I never got to
say my goodbyes...
I am unbroken,
complete and whole.