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the Bones of Ajax

Posted: Sun Aug 06, 2023 5:04 am
by sgt.null
the Bones of Ajax

like Houdini on Xanax, back
when tigers used to smoke.

be good or be good at it, this
is how we justify Oklahoma.
across the abyssal plane. red
river, a menstrual Nantucket
minstrel. oh, poor Cinderella.

test card f, playing noughts
& crosses. lady or the tiger?
run around the tree, turn into
butter. the bones of Ajax, our
thanks for that. jackleg boot-
legger. bishops and fishwives.

frost heaves muttering, cactus
uttering. above a frozen pond.
constant constables running.
running the long con. Pepper's
ghost is carbon black. beauty
thunder struck. my dumb luck.

Andt Warhol, won't you come
back home? gut-punch laws,
whole-hearted ferocity. ghost
runners take phantom leads...
absurdist joy. ivory tower or
blue collar. just how far we fall.

do not dead name. as snow fall
and river roll. angels work angles.
amicable and Herculean. bear of
very little interest. secret telescope.

do not dead call. Midlothian vs. the
Leviathan. potluck & gossip fence.
gatekeeper - middleman - tollbooth.