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Dr. Bone

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2023 10:48 pm
by sgt.null
Dr. Bone

the pervert & the dandy

slide, doctor, slide. ride
Sally, ride. balance the
scales of justice. as he
shudders judders abjures

Eiffel Tower blues. your
summer in Paris Green.
winter in Prussian Blue.
lying, the sleeping police
man now takes the fifth.

now Dr. Bone with his clef
pallet. trembles & treble

with Mother's Ruin listening
to mimes on the radio. now
quizzing Quislings, puzzling
the answers. down, across.

sundowners in the dust. drop
some acid, write some poems.

clear Lucite transistors, solid.
steadfast as steel. cruelty with-
out beauty. Springheel Jack &
the Jersey Devil confide quietly.

and a hobo playing oboe was
murdered at a rave last night.
thus spoke a raven confidently.

an invisible banjo sold by the
door to door salesmen. in their
hideous shiny travertine boots
and cheap gaberdine suits. segue
to a non-sequitur. your sequester.

chasing after dopamine rays. a
muted trumpet swan in the park.
swims after dark. acid rain days.

a bizarre and exclusive supper
club for bad writers, of which I
am the mad-love guru. fate and
corruption and betrayal by the
local pop-retro brass conductors.

a cynical syndication of cyclical
sensation. pop diva chanteuse as
the center of a adlibbed maelstrom.

music is silver and silence is golden.