the gearworks lie exposed

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the gearworks lie exposed

Post by sgt.null »

the gearworks lie exposed

modest home, man stands alone.
character in a half-truth world...

ethereal, insubstantial. house is
full of otherworldly mementos.
a deconstruction with a taste for
the upcoming apocalyptic story.

dead center sits an opaque toy
chest. littered with half memory
runes and hieroglyphs. soot & ash.

the charred walls all echo such
odd lights. propaganda machine.

awash in blue sparks, fueled by
lies, deceits and utter failure.

what is the midpoint between
comedy and drama? experience
heartache of staggered youth.

wallowing in self-immolation.
self-loathing. bitter early loss.

redraw the blueprints for an
elaborate suicide pacts of fun.

henchmen scurry, villains worry.

sycophants prepare their tributes,
everyone fearing another purge.
crumbling cities, crumbling world.

brutal magicians, the old sawing
a-lady-in-half routine. janitors
at the ready with mop buckets.

lives destroyed and vaporized.
ether released. the accidental
purpose. isolation follows down.

circle glimpses, curious of the
meltdown. the holocaust pauses.

illusionists clamor for credit. as
underlings order endgames. mad.

razor wire, electric fences. mine
fields and trip wire. truth bows
to loyalty. explosive charges set.

this is our graveyard. barren...
melted glass jungle. masks are
akimbo. gun free zones empty.

soon to be a dim memory. angles
and dimensions. options. run like
skating across an expressway. set.

pray all you can. but keep moving.
Lenin, Marx
Marx, Lennon
Good Dog...
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