electronic mall chimeras

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electronic mall chimeras

Post by sgt.null »

electronic mall chimeras

well, I can believe the breeze
engulfs the city. as it is again
this time of our summer belief

in the luminous Boston lights.
on the roads, I can hear clay.
the sun shines along the day.

while the jugs start the night,
they take the stopping. so the
player's collection takes. place.

we have two in marking position.
here comes the new hero. eloper
or the victim. mark him a quay.

the pit is in Boston. hunt along
the bay. quantity hears amongst
and sings. sings of the rock wells!

sources of red wells. wells of rock.
Boston after Houston. in suits and
the day. a well of completed rock.
Lenin, Marx
Marx, Lennon
Good Dog...
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