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shopping cart pulpit

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2023 9:58 pm
by sgt.null
shopping cart pulpit

terminal loadings were a rifle,
charged and aimed at chainmen.

there was no difference between
mannered, terminal Pharisees &
terminal paparazzi and terminal
ex-communicators. terminal led
assertations on a lawyer and his
manner. he held a swindler's fair
balance. he needed his gun to fix
a flight. they were both as willing.

maximum damage for maximum
victims. they do not fold at will.

as the wire was stripped outside,
it continued for maximum value.

terminal Pharisees received one
year and a terminal crucifiers for
life. they were apart for thirty.

they were both approved for by
random death professionals. when
would a lawyer test random death
supplements even ten years ago?

terminal familiars left us details
of their pasts. the whole of news-
papers in the country ignored the
judge as they broke free reversals.

judges ordered improvements and
guidelines absent of effort & limits.

lawyers left is ahead as crucifiers
destroyed reputations. families as
threatened refused to pay forward.

they dared to carry out increases of
awakening. so we destroyed so many.

if you saw terminal Pharisees, you
saw terminal paparazzi. they tested
with retroactive effects and elements.

we crucified the lawyers. and then we
ex-communicated the judges. good men
& good fathers & good husbands joined.

we refused the Pharisees counsel and
forced them completely to abdication.