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the Oxford coma

Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2023 9:31 pm
by sgt.null
the Oxford coma

I am a mad lad, sonic
boom, read the room

pulling along a straight
edge. Along the curve,
a cursive credo in the
virtuoso bag. Dixie rag.

incinerate - burning hell,
awaits little illusion. our
hazard pay numbness as
we bleed ourselves dry.

green spells, old school
summer drummer falls
winter. springs forward,
falls back. standard deck.

lost in morning fog, love
infiltrates. head to metal
Motown. Had a transistor
radio under a pillow

the Oxford coma

Posted: Wed Nov 08, 2023 6:29 am
by peter
Great work Sarge - really good! Respect.