The Mordant's Need Trivia Game (Spoilers!!!)

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The Mordant's Need Trivia Game (Spoilers!!!)

Post by Cord Hurn »

Good question, Sanity, and congratulations on getting the answer, Sam!
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The Mordant's Need Trivia Game (Spoilers!!!)

Post by samrw3 »

Sorry it took me so long. To make up for it probably easy question.

Upon meeting Queen Madin who did she realize resembled King Joyce?

a. Myste
B. Elega
C. Both Myste and Elega

Bonus point for knowing the features of the Queen that Terisa poinsts out as to why Terisa comes to this conclusion.
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The Mordant's Need Trivia Game (Spoilers!!!)

Post by Avatar »

LOL, it would be a guess, so let somebody else give it a go. :D

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