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Hey Newbies, over here first ;) Come on in and tell us more about yourself. IMPORTANT: For new members, please read "New Members Only" BEFORE registering.

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New Members Only

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To register as a user of Kevinswatch, you will need to answer 2 questions when registering. Question one is:

"Who was the Founder of the Land?"

You have two options...Moksha Raver, or Berek Half-Hand...

Question two is:

"Who did the Krill belong to originally?"

Selecting the wrong answer to either will prevent you from registering.

Once you have registered, take some time to introduce yourself - we don't have the easiest registration system in place because we're determined to stop spambots from posting all kinds of stuff here. So, hopefully the registration process doesn't exhaust you and you no longer have the energy to post :)

We're a friendly bunch of people and we frown on making new members feeling unwelcome - so don't be shy...dig in :) If you want to test the water, try the games in the Mallorys forum - they're a quick way to get used to who's who in this zoo :)

We do prune inactive users (zero posts only) occasionally so the quicker you say "Hi" the better :)

Also, please use a real email address, otherwise you won't be able to activate your account

If you want to receive the occasional email announcement (we don't send many out so fear ye not that you will be spammed), join the "Summons" group from the Usergroups tab of your User Control Panel.

Welcome on board !! :)

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