in French : {Wicked Butterfly}

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in French : {Wicked Butterfly}

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in French : {Wicked Butterfly}

also known as : 4 eves, 2007 around

[think of 436]

Token Entry. you are January, so are you
motion? the attempt, which is all. you, a
total city. and you hate. do not hold far
from your family. and a throwing secrecy.

which would break it all? this thing itself.

hold, if you would like. I am of motion.
do not for me. or for manners. or such.

it is fresh. for the end of existence. in
one way or another we wish. however.

some of these lines are statements. and
are good. a many are precisely certain.

some are delayed. will you take beyond?
Butterfly, here is a key. here is a
sight beyond. here is sight of true motion.

a confession of holidays. Wicked, in which
I go? it got loose on orientation. my crying
is the understanding of an object. like such?

Mother, in line towards me? why is
it such? in top. or do you act as a rebus?

he is he turned on himself? does he now
hate us for it? has Mother perhaps.
another moment as this cancer lasts. take
a surplus to me, in agreement with him.

I owe you a mouse and will not pretend it
is a good number. such as my nights allow.

if I die and you are not interested, I will
die on my bed in death. without Mother.

where are you if I spit blood? if blood will
pour down my throat? what do you know?

what is your understanding? I am interested.
I am of a kind Mother she will regard.

why do you turn your back? what of the times
I did go? why do you turn your back? do tell.

what of the times I did not go? Mother of
the holidays? as I promised to not say. or will.

when the days are coming soon. years which
I never will know. the pain in which I believe.

your screams. your cries. the pain lives on.
they are one nobody. in them I still trust.

they pretend to be lost in your head. to be
lost in your head. If I am really in your heart.
it is the right place, absolutely. they wish of
the attention. be well Mother, it is in my eyes.

I have your cancer. I forgot the lime pits. so
I never knew you. moreover the entire year.

truth has been twice. I never declared for you.
I know you will know when I die. it is a truth,
]I thought which you would know. astonish the
hall of tears in my eyes. you left me Mother.

there is truth in the passage. there is forgiveness.
for I know nothing lasts. it is a truth re-examined.
Lenin, Marx
Marx, Lennon
Good Dog...
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