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Post by dwkdnvr »

Hi, folks. New User, which seems to be a rare occurrence.

Obviously it's now a bit quiet around here, which is understandable but makes me wonder why I didn't join in the past.

I'm another old-timer. My first read was (I think) between the publication of TPTP and TWL back in Jr High. (I would have guessed '81, but I clearly remember the publication of TWL which wikipedia insists was in 80 - I probably got the hardback for Xmas in 80)

I have NOT ventured into The Last Chronicles, and am unsure as to whether I will - it seems that even among longtime fans it's not held in particularly high regard.

Mordant's Need is the only other SRD I've read - I bounced off The Gap pretty hard when I tried it, and with so much other content out there it's never crept back up the TBR pile.

Currently engaged in /starting another re-read of LFB, this time hopefully a bit more methodical and analytical. Guess we'll see how that goes. (trying the audiobook. Scott Brick isn't my favorite narrator, but it's not too bad)
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Post by Fist and Faith »

Welcome! Indeed, things are slower than they were when I joined, a little more than 20 years ago. But we do what we can. :D

I read the First Chrons slightly after they came out, although I don't know exactly. But I read the Second as they came out. IIRC, a friend who went to England came back with TWL. Which I hadn't known was happening.

I'm one of those who does not like the Last Chrons, despite thinking the First and Second are as good as it gets.
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Post by High Lord Tolkien »

There is a TON of awesome discussions here about the Chronicles.
I've learned many things from other's comments that I missed or never thought about.
Don't worry about anything being "too old" to post a question or a comment on.
It's fun!

I agree, the 3rd Chronicles doesn't seem to get much praise as the first two.
But the first two Chronicles are so damn good.

I'd read it when you can.
It's interesting and enjoyable.

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Post by Avatar »

Welcome to the Watch @dwkdnvr. :D Always nice to see a new "face" as it were.

If you're looking for in-depth analysis, then check out the group reads, chapter-by-chapter dissections of the Chrons (among others).

As HLT said, don't worry about posting in old threads...at this stage, they're almost all old. :D Just post, chances are somebody will be along to pick up the discussion. :D

As for the 3rd Chrons, I didn't hate them, although I agree the first 2 were better. (They have their moments though.) Now the Gap books are, if you ask me, the best books SRD has ever written. (Or at least, the best written of his books.) (Also, better hope Scott doesn't happen by and see your comment...he's a member here. ;) )

Finally, there's more than just the Chrons here, so poke around and join in anywhere...necro some old topics or whatever. ;)

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Post by SoulBiter »

Welcome to the Watch @dwkdnvr !!! Always good to see new posters. I hope you find your stay here enjoyable and please look around and jump in where ever you find something interesting that you want to comment on or start a conversation on.
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Post by Menolly »

Be Welcome to the Watch.
Be Well Come and True.
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Post by Wosbald »



I'm one of the minority report who likes the 3rd Chrons even better than the first two, though I'd admit that it's harder to cotton-up to.


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Post by StevieG »


I definitely learned a lot when reading comments about the Chronicles here. The 3rd are intense! I'm with Av, and never want to pass up an opportunity to promote the Gap - THE best SRD series in my opinion. I skipped a reasonable amount of work back in the day when I was reading the Gap series!

But still, you can choose to read what you want :D I would suggest you give the 3rd Chrons a go - there have been lots of opinions on this site, some very strong. People naturally will do the old 'comparison' thing with previous Chronicles. Everyone has an opinion, but I'd strongly suggest you form your own by reading them :D
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Post by Cord Hurn »

Welcome to the Watch, dwkdnvr!
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Post by sgt.null »

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