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Last Chronicles chapter index

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The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant
The Runes of the Earth

Prologue: "my heart has rooms"
chapter 1: Mother's Son
chapter 2: Gathering Defenses
chapter 3: In Spite of Her
chapter 4: Malice
chapter 5: The Cost of Love and Despair

Part One: "chosen for this desecration"
chapter 1: "I am content"
chapter 2: Caesure
chapter 3: In the Rubble
chapter 4: Old Friends
chapter 5: Distraction
chapter 6: The Despiser's Guidance
chapter 7: Companions in Flight
chapter 8: Into the Mountains
chapter 9: Scion of Stone
chapter 10: Aided by Ur-Viles
chapter 11: Hints
chapter 12: The Verge of Wandering

Part Two: "the only form of innocence"
chapter 1: Spent Enmity
chapter 2: Dangerous Choices
chapter 3: The Will of the Ranyhyn
chapter 4: Heedless in Rain
chapter 5: Against Time
chapter 6: The Staff of Law
chapter 7: Aid and Betrayal
chapter 8: "Contrive their salvation"
chapter 9: Pursuit
chapter 10: Troubled Sanctuary
chapter 11: The Masters of the Land
Chapter 12: Find me

Fatal Revenant

Part One: "lest you prove unable to serve me"
Chapter 1: Reunion
Chapter 2: Difficult Answers
Chapter 3: Love and Strangers
Chapter 4: A Defense of Revelstone
Chapter 5: "I know what to do"
Chapter 6: Interference
Chapter 7: Taking the Risk
Chapter 8: The Stuff of Legends
Chapter 9: Along the Last Hills
Chapter 10: Tactics of Confrontation
Chapter 11: Melenkurion Skyweir
Chapter 12: Transformations

Part Two: "victims and enactors of Despite"
Chapter 1: From the Depths
Chapter 2: In the Care of the Mahdoubt
Chapter 3: Tales Among Friends
Chapter 4: Old Conflicts
Chapter 5: Departure from Revelstone
Chapter 6: Sons
Chapter 7: An Aftertaste of Victory
Chapter 8: Salva Gildenbourne
Chapter 9: The Long Journey of the Lost
Chapter 10: Struggles over Wild Magic
Chapter 11: The Essence of the Land
Chapter 12: Trust Yourself

Against All Things Ending

Part One: "to achieve the ruin of the Earth"
Chapter 1: The Burden of Too Much Time
Chapter 2: Unfinished Needs
Chapter 3: Bargaining with Fate
Chapter 4: After Unwisdom
Chapter 5: Preparations
Chapter 6: Seek Deep Stone
Chapter 7: Crossing the Hazard
Chapter 8: Caverns Ornate and Majestic
Chapter 9: Hastening Doom
Chapter 10: By Evil Means
Chapter 11: Private Carrion
Chapter 12: She Who Must Not

Part Two: "Only the damned"
Chapter 1: Those Who Endure--
Chapter 2: Trying to Start Again
Chapter 3: --Whatever the Cost
Chapter 4: Attempts Must Be Made
Chapter 5: Inheritances
Chapter 6: Parting Company
Chapter 7: Implications of Trust
Chapter 8: The Amends of the Ranyhyn
Chapter 9: Great Need
Chapter 10: The Pure One and the High God
Chapter 11: Kurash Qwellinir
Chapter 12: Sold Souls

The Last Dark

Part One: "to bear what must be borne"
Chap 1: Betimes Some Wonder
Chap 2: Nightfall
Chap 3: Not Dead to Life and Use
Chap 4: "Try to Believe"
Chap 5: Coming
Chap 6: Promises Old and New
Chap 7: Taking the Risk
Chap 8: The Right Materials
Chap 9: An Impoverished Temple
Chap 10: But While I Can
Chap 11: Back from the Brink
Chap 12: After Too Long

Part Two: "the abyss and the peak"
Chap 1: A Tale Which Will Remain
Chap 2: Toward Confrontation
Chap 3: Summoned to Oppose
Chap 4: Reluctances
Chap 5: "No Prospect of Return"
Chap 6: The Aid of the Feroce
Chap 7: At Last
Chap 8: Shamed Choices
Chap 9: Parting Company
Chap 10: All Lost Women
Chap 11: Of My Deeper Purpose
Chap 12: You Are Mine

Epilogue: "The soul in which the flower grows"
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